“Why families should train together”

“Why families should train together”

Everyone knows there’s value in quality time spent together as a family. But, it can be so hard to fit in meaningful togetherness between work, school, extracurriculars, homework, meal prep, and the ins and outs of daily life. Luckily, family time doesn’t have to be some special, scheduled, organized activity. Family time looks different for every family, and it can be worked into your every day life. Whether it’s teaching the kids how to help you in the kitchen, struggling over a hard math problem together, choosing to eat around the table instead of in front of the TV, or (our favorite option) exercising together.

1. Builds Self Esteem

Self Defense/Martial Arts has a built-in way for your family to encourage each other and celebrate each other’s achievements. The progressive belt ranking system gives kids (and adults) external motivation to continue their training and provides ample opportunity for positive feedback and nurturing support… or even a little friendly family competition.

2. Creates Strong Bonds

When you develop a shared interest with your family, you’re laying the groundwork for meaningful relationships that can continue even into the difficult teenage years and beyond.

3. Encourages Communication

You’ll have something to talk about around the dinner table, beyond just “How was your day?” You can discuss events from class, dissect the lessons you learned, and develop your own inside jokes.

4. Makes Memories

When you practice self defense/martial arts as a family, you’re sure to have experiences you’ll cherish forever. From competing side by side, to simply enjoying class together, you can look back fondly on your family time in the academy for years to come.

4. Relieves Stress

Even the happiest, most well-adjusted families go through stressful times. Physical activity is known to alleviate stress and lessen depression. If you’re all practicing together, you’ll all reap those benefits together. That makes for a much more relaxed and communicative home life.

5. Models Healthy Behavior

Instilling a love of self defense/martial arts in your child early will help them stay active into adulthood. When it comes to teaching the importance of physical exercise and taking care of your body, you can never start too early.

About Greg Pasden

Greg Pasden is the Owner and Instructor at C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense Columbus, Ohio. Self Defense/Martial Arts have been an important part of my life for over 40 years and I hold multiple Black Belts in various Martial Arts disciplines.

Our passion and our focus is to educate and empower people of all ages – 5 to 85 – with the tools to help defend themselves in the present day and age.