TPM – The formula the criminals always control.
They pick the TIME – PLACE – and METHOD of attack.
This formula never changes and they always control it.
The C.0.B.R.A. program prepares you to defend yourself.


"Chris Suton has really hit a home run with his C.O.B.R.A program. It's the only effective self defense program that | would recommend and I have been in the Industry over 20 years.”

— Jim Graden, World Kickboxing Champion,
School Owner

"The C.0O.B.R.A. experience was very similar to what | taught as a combatives Instructor for the United States Army. Chris Sutton’s COBRA course teaches a suite of skills that can absolutely be used in any type of life threatening situation. Personally | had my two daughters and two boys take the course
because | am a big believer in the confidence it builds and skill set it provides."

— Sean Mitchner, Former Army Ranger,
West Point Grad


"This course made me realize just how little | knew! With C.0.B.R.A training, even the smallest person can defend themselves."

— Mike Eagle, Design Engineer

*This is a great course! | think my children will know-how to react if they are in a dangerous situation. This is a great class for anyone!"

— Pam Bass

| learned more in the Cobra Defense program than | did in the Police Academy.

— Meg Coneby

"An absolute asset to any female willing to develop sufficient attitude for survival.”

— Maxine Sutcliffe

Chris Sutton’s extensive martial arts training as well as his law enforcement experience dealing with real criminals have given him highly unique insights into the reality of self-defense. Chris has used this expertise to create the acclaimed C.O.B.R.A. reality-based self-defense system, as well as influencing his other martial arts programs, fitness programs & books. Chris is an experienced corrections officer, police officer, LEO Boot Camp Drill Instructor and Black Belt.